I want to throw my arms around you and tell you that it’s ok, you’re ok, and everything is going to be ok. I want to show you your beauty, your power, your capabilities. I want to tell you to take a breath, look in the mirror and see the magnificence of who you are.

Self doubt is normal; it’s part of the human condition; our brain trying to keep us safe from danger, predators, unsafe places! When a little self doubt turns into believing that you are not enough or when your thoughts turn into cruel, hurtful, debilitating language, something needs to change.
What are those thoughts that creep into your mind as you walk into a room full of people? Which thoughts slap you when you start daydreaming about furthering your education or progressing in your career? What about those thoughts when you look in the mirror?

Did they tell you that you are not good enough?

Consider those thoughts again; the ones from the mirror, the daydreams and when you are faced with a crowd of people. Have you said those things to anyone other than yourself? I suspect that the answer is no. I would guess that to others, you are kind, encouraging, supportive, and maybe even exaggerated the good to bring good feelings to them. We want people to feel good; we want to encourage the people we love, even the people we don’t.
How much would our lives change if we gave ourselves this same love and support, the same kind encouraging words?

There is one human being that you are guaranteed to spend your entire life with, from birth until death and that person is you.
Your opinion of you is the only opinion that matters and it’s time that you made that opinion accurate!

You cannot rate a human being.

Think about it…
If we could rate a human being, how would we do it? Beauty? Intelligence? Bank statement? What constitutes good and bad? Who makes the final decision?

It is impossible to rate human beings, so stop right now. Stop comparing yourself. Stop doubting yourself. Stop criticising yourself. You are the only person that matters at this moment. Smile, rebel against this self beating culture, stop these halting thoughts and treat yourself with the same love that you have for those around us.

Every time those doubts creep in, whenever you hear those thoughts trying to hold you back remember that you cannot rate a human being, you are good enough, whole enough, pure enough, true enough just as you are. You can progress in your career; you can further your education, you can meet new people and make new friends if you want. You are capable of reaching in new directions, reaching as far and wide as you want but you are also enough, just as you are!

Image courtesy of Ryan Moreno