About Katy

About Katy

As I sit writing this the sun is going down and I can hear the birds outside, joyous with the feeling of spring approaching. It is a beautiful evening but being faced with writing about myself, drawing the most important bits out of 36 years, I’m feeling challenged.

I guess my childhood is the best place to start and it was ‘dream like’; home educated, parents who loved and hugged me, while listening to every ambition and idea. They didn’t have much money but what they did have they spent on giving me every experience possible. The most vivid image I think I have is of cut off jeans, a grubby face and scabby knees, riding my bike and playing cricket until dusk. Those brilliant experiences shaped me, as a childhood so often does. My mum and dad were my joint parachute, helping me to land safely after every mistake or fall, always ready with a hug and words of guidance and support.

I am someone who experiences emotion to the fullest and I have reached a point in my life where I realise that this comes from my intense passion for everything I do and love. I have also finally realised that this is a huge blessing and not a curse. I know what intense joy can be felt from something as simple as the sun on my back. I have felt the adrenaline fuelled thrill of dancing salsa with my hero. I have pushed through my ultimate fear of falling from a plane. I have felt the tragedy and sickening horror as my unborn babies died. I have fallen in love and felt heartbreak. I have walked nonstop for 24½ hours, fighting through physical and mental pain. I have felt depression so heavily that I sat on my bed, surrounded by painkillers, at 3 am, contemplating whether I could go on. I have jumped a horse around tracks that stood nearly as tall as me and I have very long legs.

As I sit here now, snuggled in a blanket with my jack russell at my feet, I feel peace in my heart. Not everything is perfect but I don’t think it’s supposed to be. I am strong! I am at peace in my own skin! I am grateful for every beautiful sunrise that I get to see!

How do I condense 36 years into a couple of paragraphs? I have no clue! Truth is probably a good start though.

Katy x