Self care is all about you investing in you! When we hear the word investment though we often jump to the thought of money but this is not about money! This is about you looking after your body, brain and soul, taking care of your health, feeling peace and comfort in your skin and some core deep, belly laughing joy!

Self care needs to become a normal way of life for all of us but if you are finding that thought overwhelming here at some ideas that all take just one minute! 

Image courtesy of Katika Bele

Here are 22 self care ideas that only take 1 minute that you could try today!

  1. Choose an affirmation to focus on throughout your day. This will be personal to you! I love “I AM FIERCE!” This works for me because it is natural for me to be kind and giving but I want to live with fierce power and determination too! I use this often! Make sure you repeat it often throughout the day.
  2. Do some stretching. Unfortunately the saying “Use it or lose it” is pretty accurate. Start simply by standing tall, folding forwards and reaching your hands towards your toes. 
  3. Drink some water. Your body and brain will thank you. 
  4. Smile. Make the smile all about you. Your survival, your resilience, your inner joy! 
  5. Spend 1 minute exercising. You do not need to spend hours in the gym to have a positive impact on your body. Try doing 1 minute of star jumps!
  6. Switch off your phone. Do it, take a real break!
  7. Make a decision to do the thing that you have been putting off! Remove the stress and worry and just do it right now! 
  8. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. When you breathe in, fill your lungs completely and let your stomach move out. As you exhale, empty your lungs fully. 
  9. Look in the mirror and point out the good! Dance in front of the mirror, be playful and appreciate your body.
  10. Make a decision to quit apologising for things that you shouldn’t apologise for! 
  11. Walk in the grass barefoot. Ground yourself and consider what is important at that moment. 
  12. Be mindful for 1 minute. What can you hear, see, taste, touch and smell? 
  13. Do your 7 times tables. It doesn’t have to be your times’ tables but spend 1 minute using your brain, using your memory or problem-solving skills. Give your brain a 1 minute workout. 
  14. Write a list of three things that you are grateful for right now. Allow those thoughts to seep into your soul and pump around your body. Live in gratitude. 
  15. Close your eyes and spent 1 minute thinking about a moment from your past that brought your huge happiness.
  16. Cancel something that you don’t want to do! Take charge of your diary! Don’t feel pressure to conform!
  17. Hug someone! Wrap your arms around your friend or partner and give them a tight and long squeeze. Make it the best hug that you have ever given. 
  18. Spend one minute writing as many successes as possible. This could include a swimming certificate when you were seven, picking up a snail off the road to save its life or getting a promotion.
  19. Use some beautiful smelling handcream. 
  20. Throw the processed rubbish food in your cupboards out! Show your body how much it is worth by only putting nutritious, real food in!
  21. Watch 1 minute of something that you know will make you laugh! Holly and Philip funny moments clips do it for me every time!
  22. Make a decision to do something for yourself every single day! If you have not done it yet, download the 100 day Self Care Calendar.
Image courtesy of Arun Sharma

However you feel right now, realise that you are worth investing in. Don’t wait to be rescued. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. You are capable. You are worthy. 

Did you try any?

I’d love to hear how you got on. Email me at [email protected] and let me know

Cover image courtesy of Dan Meyers