100 Days of Self Care Challenge Calendar

It’s time to make YOU a priority with this 100 day self care calendar!

On average it takes at least 66 consecutive days to form a new habit, so this self care calendar is the perfect route to help you to make self care a part of your daily life, taking you forwards into health, strength and confidence.

How this will help:

  • You will gain accountability, ensuring that you stick to your goal.
  • You will see your progression, giving you the chance to feel good about your success and feel motivated to continue.
  • You will have a reminder to make your care a priority.
  • You will feel the benefit of ongoing self care.
  • You will develop a habit of taking care of you.
  • You will remove the feelings of guilt surrounding taking time for you!

How to use

Print out your self care calendar and stick it to your wall where you will see it regularly.

Each day complete one act of self care and tick it off the calendar. Keep plenty of variety and new ideas as you work through your calendar and remember that if you miss a day, you need to start from the beginning again! When you have completed the challenge, take a selfie with your calendar and send it to [email protected] to spread and inspire the self care rebellion!