We tend not to notice when we have peace of mind but we certainly notice when we don’t. It could appear as a nagging irritation that something isn’t quite right, something playing on your mind but you can’t quite place it. You may know exactly what’s caused it and the anxiety could be overwhelming.

Lacking peace of mind can manifest through thoughts but also with physical symptoms; a racing heart, loss of appetite or desire to eat excessively, stomach turning knots, muscle tension, rapid breathing, sweating, unable to concentrate, headaches. The feelings accompanying the lack of peace of mind could include anger, embarrassment, frustration or my all-time killer, guilt! Yes, sometimes something pretty big comes along that causes these emotions and needs addressing but so often it’s the small stuff that we sweat too! How many times have you caught yourself replaying a scenario or interaction with someone that didn’t go well and then reliving it, again and again, giving different outcomes?

Imagine living a day where your brain remained peaceful. Imagine being free from your mind replaying 3-minute clips of your life. Imagine being in the moment, just being.

What would happen if peace of mind became our number one priority each day?

Maybe some of these ideas will be helpful, let them spark a renewed desire for peace of mind and help you to de-clutter you and let peace in.

1. Forgive. Forgive others but this extends to forgiving yourself too. Try to take notice of your inner dialogue. How much of it is fact? What is this dialogue achieving? Imagine if you had to carry those thoughts on the outside of your body rather than in your head. How many suitcases would you be dragging with you each day?

2. Accept. Sometimes forgiveness seems impossible, so maybe acceptance could work. Your goal is to quit allowing these thoughts to steal time and precious life from you. If something has happened that is truly unforgivable, become conscious of its effect on you and refuse to allow your life to be stolen through rumination.

3. Learn to trust yourself. It’s that gut feeling, something’s underlying that just doesn’t feel right. We need to start tuning into our body and brain and hearing when something isn’t right.

4. Create. Create something, make something, paint something, knit something, grow something! Just create. Take your body and brain to a place of growth, inspiration, and release.

5. Quit being judgemental. Live and let live! Avoid allowing your mind to be drawn too much into the lives of others around you. Maybe it’s time to be a little kinder to yourself too.

6. Make peace with the past. We often feel like we need to keep our pasts wrapped around us like a heavy coat. Making peace with your past doesn’t mean burning the coat, it just means that you get to decide when to wear it and when to leave it in the wardrobe.

7. ‘Just be’. As a tiny human, in a huge world full of billions of humans remember that life won’t end because you stop. Sit in the garden and ‘just be’.

8. Exercise. Do you remember that feeling after a good workout? Sweating, smiling, satisfied, stronger and somehow life seems to fall back into perspective a little more.

9. Stop worrying about what others think. It doesn’t matter! It really doesn’t! More often than not those around us are far too busy with their own lives to be concerned with ours. Lift your chin and focus on your stuff!

10. Be in nature. Absorb some sun, walk barefoot in the grass, paddle in the sea, wrap your arms around the trunk of a tree and see if they touch. Be outdoors where we were meant to be and allow your body and spirit to reconnect with the earth.

11. Write. Writing can be a release, it can help you to understand what is happening, it can inspire and help you to create. Sometimes simply writing the stress and throwing it out can free your mind.

12. Speak to whoever is needed. Have the conversation, make the phone call, do it now.

13. Book a therapist. When we break our leg we go to the hospital. When we crack a tooth we go to a dentist. What do you do when you have emotional pain or stress?

14. Breathe. Every morning and as often as possible throughout the day, step outside and take some long deep breaths.

15. Bring it into perspective. Are the things that consume your mind worth giving up your life to? You will never get that time back. Will they be of concern a year from now?

16. Do an activity that needs full involvement. Join a dance or fitness class, try music or languages, do something that insists on complete mindfulness.

17. Go for a walk and blow away cobwebs. If you are locked into a thought pattern, change your physiology. Go for a walk, allow your body temperature to change and the light that you’re exposed to become entirely natural.

18. Laugh. You will never regret using up time on laughter.

19. Eat well. Eating isn’t something we do to take the hungry feeling away. It’s what we do to fuel our body with what it needs in order to function well. Is your body getting what it needs?

20. Do the scary thing. What’s that thing that you’ve been putting off? Now is the time! Just do it!


Do you struggle to maintain a peace-filled mind? Share your experiences [email protected]