You told me I could trust you, you said that we were friends. You put your arm around me and saw life through my lens. You knew about my struggles, you knew about my past and when I doubted your love, you said that it would last.

I placed my faith into you, I gave you all I had, my love my strength my loyalty, lost dreams that made me sad. You broke the walls around me and stood right by my side, you raised me up next to you and taught me not to hide.

The future looked exciting, a road that seemed so vast. My heart was filled with promise and distant seemed the past. I believed you when you held me and told me to be strong. I believed you when you spoke, but it seems that I was wrong.

You told me I could trust you, you said that we were friends but then one day you broke it and peace came to an end. You found somebody better, replaced me straight away, my heart left in tatters and my beliefs led astray.

I thought that life had ended, my parachute had gone, a loneliness inhaled me, how could my road go on? My tears filled the bathtub, my heartache never stopped, until one day I realised, that it was more than me you dropped.

Humanity is to love, to care to trust and feel, when you trampled over me, my soul you tried to steal; but joy never comes without humanity pouring in and when you chose to drop me, you chose to never win.

Cover image courtesy of Luis Galvez