Your wardrobe is home to your second skin, the layers that
you cover your body with every single day and it’s contents can play a big part
in how you feel. Your wardrobe could be a place of peace and somewhere to look
and see a reflection of your true self. 
It could be the place where you could reach for clothes that feel like
your character, that don’t take too much thought but that when you slide on
remind you of your complex, unique, through and through strength and beauty.

Your clothes could match your life and all you do each day,
making movement easy. Once your wardrobe door is open, you could have it filled
with clothes that could be chosen blindfolded and still feel great!

Is this your wardrobe? When you reach for your clothes, do
you feel calm and confident, like you’re reaching for part of you? When you are
dressed, does it feel like something is shining from your heart?

Image courtesy of Maxime Bhm

Below is a list of 15 ideas to help you turn your weary wardrobe into a warrior wardrobe.

1.Make a pile of clothes that you would like to keep for sentimental reasons but store them somewhere different. I have several fitted Tshirts from charity events and weekends away that I could never part with but never wear. The wardrobe and drawers are not the home for these items. Remove anything that you won’t wear but want to keep for memories and take them to the attic or landing cupboard.

2. Remove everything that doesn’t fit! Do you have a pair of jeans that is two sizes too small? Or a top that rises up but you’re sure will fit one day? Remove these items from your wardrobe immediately! A warrior does not need to be staring at clothes that don’t bring good feelings. If you’d like to keep them, then store them elsewhere. If there is an item of clothing that you are keeping in your wardrobe for motivation to lose fat or tone up, hang it by your mirror instead where it won’t get in the way of dressing time!

3. Be wary of anything that you have not worn in the last year. Be brutal, be honest! Have you not worn it because you couldn’t see it for all of the jumble or is it something that you won’t ever feel good in? If you are not sure, create a wear one day box and store it away from your wardrobe. If you haven’t touched it in the next six months, rehome the clothes!

4. Feeling good in your clothes needs to be of maximum importance. If there is something that is considered fashionable in your wardrobe, but you don’t feel good in, get rid!

5. Sort out your seasons! As we approach Autumn, grab your suitcase and fill it with your summer clothes, make space in your wardrobe for your chunky knit jumper, big yellow padded coat, the 4 foot embroidered scarf or whatever warm garments you love. As spring approaches swap the winter clothes for the summer clothes! Remove anything impractical for that time of year and leave space so that you can easily see your choices.

Image courtesy of Annie Spratt

6. Be aware of times when your choices of clothes are being swayed by what those around you are wearing. Have you ever taken the time to sit and people watch? It is ubiquitous to see groups of teenagers all wearing the same style of clothes with similar shoes and matching hairstyles! I remember being a teen and doing just this! It saddens me when I see adult women doing the same though. What if I made a decision that I will be my warrior self and not a replica of anyone around me!

7. Get damaged clothes repaired now! If they are irreparable, turn them into rags or reuse the material!

8. Be aware of how your clothes feel once they are on you. Do they maintain or even intensify the good feelings in you? Or do they cause stress and worry? Do they feel authentically you? Or does it feel like you’re hiding or making do? Once you have had a clear-out and made some space, try everything on! Make sure you have a big mirror but mainly reflect on how you feel in the clothes.

9. Start to feel good about clearing out the clothes that don’t work for you by creating piles for friends or family, things you could sell, those for the clothes bank or charity shop and those that you want to store in the attic for sentimental reasons. You could make great use of the material of clothes that mean something to you, but you don’t wear by looking for individuals that make memory teddies, or that could use the material to create a bag or pillowcase.

10. Don’t buy anything fancy for your wardrobe until you’re finished, but then consider if there is a that could help. Perhaps drawer dividers, new sturdy hangers, shelf dividers or scented bags would help to bring order and peace.

11. Don’t feel pressured! It’s great to try different clothes on and very useful to have a trusted buddy to go shopping with but don’t feel compelled to buy clothes you don’t love. If you relish black V neck T-shirts, that’s ok!

Image courtesy of Oleg Sergeichik

12. Quality clothes are an investment! They last much longer, tend to look and feel great and are far better for the environment!

13. Charity shops can be magical caves of wonderous, quality clothes. If price is a concern, spend an afternoon enjoying the charity shops and don’t forget to try things on! Remember that they need to feel fantastic, not just be low cost!

14. When you go shopping don’t be afraid to try on the clothes effectively. Ask the assistant of course, but walk around the shop, sit, look in the mirror, ask for opinions and be sure that you LOVE IT and that you don’t simply think you should love it.

15. Stick some powerful warrior affirmations on your wardrobe and speak them aloud each time you open it.

“I am in control of my decisions”

“I am unique and beautiful”

“I am fierce and fearless”

“I am whole and authentic”

“I am happy and proud of who I am”










When was the last time you considered how your wardrobe and
it’s contents made you feel? Plan an afternoon, get some great music on and
turn your wardrobe into a warrior wardrobe!

Let me know how you get on! Email [email protected]

Cover image courtesy of Daniel Lincoln