Your morning rituals will ultimately dictate your feelings throughout your day. You could create a morning that takes care of some core human needs and fills you with feelings of success before the day even begins. While everyone else is sluggish and sleepy starting work or on the school run, you could be smiling, filled with the feeling of victory! Rebel against your old routine, rebel against what’s ‘normal’ and invest in yourself.

Here are my 5 top ‘must dos’ for starting MY day with success!

  • Protect my first hour – I put my phone on airplane mode before I go to bed. I do not allow myself to look at texts, emails, social media or the news in my first hour after waking. Checking my phone draws me into other people’s lives, problems and perceived successes. This hour is ME time and needs to be protected.


  • Breathe – Box breathing is a simple technique that I practice regularly throughout my day. The technique involves taking a long, slow breath, all the way, in through my nose, over a count of 4. Staying relaxed and mindful, holding that breath for 4 before slowly breathing out over a count of 4. Finally holding for 4 before repeating. Over time the holding count will increase. The benefits are vast and include increased energy, a reduction in stress, greater emotional well being and improved blood flow, which has a positive impact on organs, skin and mental health. I love that I can use this breathing technique lying in bed in a morning, while sat in traffic or easily at any moment throughout the day and nobody would know.


  • Meditate – When I talk to people about meditation they normally have one of two answers. Either they LOVE it and would never give it up or they say they tried and they cannot meditate. I found it hard for a long time but guided meditation helped me to understand what I was capable of. I was able to have the support of a coach but there are so many great free apps which offer the chance to learn easily.


  • Rehydrate – Before my morning cup of tea I drink a pint of water. Water in a morning fuels the brain, fires up the metabolism, gives skin the glow we all love, flushes out toxins and rehydrates organs. I started this habit by leaving an empty pint glass next to the kettle as a reminder when I woke up of what my body really needed!


  • Affirmations – When I’m on my own (and actual sometimes when I’m not alone!) I use positive affirmations, spoken aloud and in the present tense. These words help me to control my thoughts, block negative ideas and make me feel strong and capable.

My favourites are;

“I am fierce”

“I am powerful”

“I am abundant”

“I am enough”


I practice these habits every day and have done for many years. If something happens and I’m too short of time to follow my routine, it throws off my whole day. I love the feeling of arriving at work focussed, energised and ready to meet whatever challenges the day throws at me!

My bonus share is great for daily use but is also a fantastic emergency procedure for days when I’m feeling low or motivation is down. On days when I’m struggling to feel inner peace or my brain is telling me some negative self talk, I let someone else’s words into my thoughts! I LOVE playing positive speeches from my favourite authors and speakers online. Some of my favourites at the moment are Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn or a Mateuzs M motivational video! I love podcasts like Intelligence Squared or Stuff you should know. I love audio books, fiction, chick lit or thrillers! These words take me into another world, teach me, comfort me and inspire me.

Your mornings are important. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to spend your morning. We are individuals with our own needs, so become mindful of those needs, of what your body requires in order to feel good and what shoots your brain into a great place! However many morning we each have left on this earth, let’s try and rebel against what’s ‘normal’. Stressed out, joyless mornings are out! Let’s create lives where we can feel good in a morning and grateful for being alive! Avoid creating stories in your head that limit your capabilities. You are capable of anything! If you want to reignite your fire and really take care of you, start here! You may decide that sitting in the garden, watching nature, reading a book or sipping peppermint tea is what you need. You made decide that a vigorous workout or early morning swimming is what you need. Ask yourself two questions;

What do I want to feel in a morning?

What do I need to do in order to feel like this?

Yes, you may have responsibilities, I do too, but this rebellion is about making a choice to put you and your needs first whenever you can! What better time to start!


It’s time to rebel against what was normal and design your own rituals.

Your time has come!


Did you make a change? What’s the plan? Did it work? Email me at [email protected] and tell me everything.