Self Talk and the Authentic You Online Course


This course is your guide to becoming a stronger, braver and more authentic and independent version of you; A you without the constant criticism that you have been surviving for years!
Without realising it, many people spend a lifetime being very unkind in the way that they speak to themselves. Instead of offering love and forgiveness as one might do with a friend, most people are highly critical of themselves, even very cruel at times.

You now have the chance to reclaim your power over how YOU treat YOU!

This course will help you to understand your current self talk and then give you the tools to make the changes that you want!

Just imagine how you would grow if you started to treat yourself with love, kindness, forgiveness and support. What would it feel like to have the self belief to achieve your dreams? How would it feel to be comfortable in your skin? What would you do if you felt strong and whole?
You can work through the course at your own pace and once purchased, you will always have access to it. There is no test or exam at the end, but there IS SOMETHING BETTER! Once you have completed the course and achieved these skills, you will start a FREE 66-day challenge worth £12 to secure all of your positive new habits, making this a life long change!

It doesn’t stop there!

You will also receive the opportunity to have a FREE 45 minute coaching call with Katy where you will have the chance to uncover where life is right now, where you want to be and how your self care can help!

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