Self care means being aware of anything that can affect our happiness, strength, health or feelings of peace. It goes without saying that our environment can significantly impact all of those areas of life, so here’s your chance to get inspired, to make the changes that you want or need!

This isn’t about tidying because you ‘should’ tidy! This is about taking control of your space and making it work for you and your life! I know that for me, having an organised bedroom brings me peace, whereas a mess brings me stress. Your space might not be a whole house; it might a single room or even a shared room. It doesn’t matter how much space you have, even if it’s just a wall, claim it, make it yours!

Having a tidy space can bring you feelings of calmness and control, it can reduce anxiety, help you to know what you have and save you time in finding it. An organised area can lift you, inspire you and have an overall positive impact on your well being. Have a look through the following ideas and see what inspires you:

  • Try the one year rule. Choose the space that you want to organise and remove everything that you haven’t used for a year. Do you really need it? Does this stuff bring any value or happiness to you? Could it bring value or joy to anyone else? Perhaps some need to go to the local recycle centre but look into other ways to rehome it too. Try selling on eBay, giving it away on Freecycle or offering it to friends. If you feel you want to dispose of stuff but can’t quite manage it, take a photo of it and store it in the attic or garage. You may find yourself looking through it another year later and deciding that is the time to pass it on.
  • Organise your sleeping space. Have a look at your bed and bedside table. Is this area serving you well? How could you make it more comfortable and more able to bring you peace? Try vacuuming and turning your mattress, changing your sheets or buying new ones. Do you have decor around your bed? What words could you post on your wall in front of your bed, so they are the last things you see before sleep? Could you hang beautiful netting around your headboard and make it a princess bed? What is in and on your bedside table? Could you remove unnatural lighting and use candles? Would you like special photos to be in sight or artwork that you love? Do you have any flowers or plants in your room? Do you want a totally clear space? Get inspired; look online for ideas that are personal and perfect for you! Claim your sleeping space!
  • Clear out your wardrobes! Do you find yourself wearing the same clothes often? Do you have clothes hiding in your wardrobe that you love but have forgotten about? Do you have an outfit in the back of your closet that hasn’t fitted for years? Have a big clean up! Imagine the people that could be delighted by buying these clothes in a charity shop. The clothes that are taking up valuable space and not serving you could make someone else’s day!
  • Make a productive space for creativity! Creativity is within us all, whether it is art, photography, music, dance, writing, crafts or even something work-related. Where is your space for this, and is it working for you? I love a clear desk; I love a candle and knowing where my pens and paper are. What do you need from a work or creativity space? Even if your area is limited, try to figure out what you need and how to optimise what you have.
  • Comfy zone! Do you have a comfy zone? Is there somewhere other than your bed that is your space to relax? Is there somewhere to take a break from the world and stress? This space could be a comfy chair in the corner of the room and in reaching a distance of your favourite blanket and book or could be a bean bag and snuggle blanket. What brings relaxation to you, and how could you make a space for this in your home?
  • Vision boards. A vision board is an exciting board with all that you want from your future, however big or small pinned to it. It could include anything from a beautiful big house to a kitchen table, to diamond earrings, to having time to go to the beach or sit by a log fire. Get inspired, go for a walk, play music or research online and think big. Let your mind reach far and wide and then find the pictures or words that bring those dreams to life on your board.
  • A happy wall. Without even realising it, I have always had a happy wall! It is my space to post pictures, photos and words that bring me joy, inspire me and create positive thoughts in my mind. Your wall may look different from mine. Find what you love and create your happy wall somewhere that will impact your day.
  • Cards and wrapping paper box. Get creative and make a box to store new birthday cards and wrapping paper in. Go on a shopping spree in search of beautiful low-cost cards that you can have ready for all of the future birthdays that creep up on you.
  • Get in the garden and start growing! It doesn’t matter how big your garden is or even if it’s a hanging basket or window box! Plant something, nurture it and watch it grow. What would you like to grow? Vegetables? Fruits? Beautiful flowers? This is your space! Create something that you love!
  • Kitchen cupboards! I have lost count of the times where I have been thrilled to find a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard, only to discover that they are 3 years out of date! Make your kitchen time more manageable and have a clear out! Be ruthless and take all of your old utensils and pans that are collecting dust and you never use to the charity shop! Someone will love them!

The ideas above are here to remind you that you can control your space. You could bring joy or freedom; you could bring energy or peace. There is no right or wrong way! The important thing is that you feel that you have control over a little area of your home. Making your space perfectly suited to it use and your needs can be liberating and soul cleansing!

I would love to see photos of how you have taken control of your space or what your next project will be! Get in touch at [email protected]



Cover Image courtesy of Johnson Wang. Second Image courtesy of Calum Lewis